Pill Reminder

Keeping a track record of pills prescribed by the doctor, at times, becomes a hassle. One needs to put on several reminders to ensure they have taken the pills on time. Maintaining a folder comprising all health records including the pills prescribed against an ailment becomes easier with Mynetmedicaldiary.com. It is an online platform that provides an opportunity to maintain a paperless record of the prescribed medicine for curing an ailment. Moreover, we have designed it in a manner that the user can easily gain access to the pill reminders and records as per the prescription uploaded. Apart from these, by accessing the pill reminder section, the user will be able to understand the constituents and their percentage in the medicine written by experts.

When the physician changes the dosage of a medicine, a user can simply update the same here and upload the new prescription for purchasing the medicine at a lower price. Moreover, you get an option to chat with an expert doctor regarding the ailment or side-effects faced due to the consumption of a specific medicine.