Add Medical Report

In case of emergencies, it becomes difficult to access the medical records, history, drug allergy, etc., of patients. Patients can make it an effortless task with the supreme assistance of With our website, one can maintain his/her medical records and prescriptions in one place online without having to worry about carrying their reports everywhere with them. You can upload the prescription directly on the site by making an account after registering with us. Post registration, the user can easily access his/her medical data by logging in. Some information like the problems you are suffering from, prescriptions, next appointment details, date & time, doctor’s comment etc., need to be added

Being a responsible entity in the industry, we ensure that details of users and their medical records/prescriptions are not leaked. Since the data of patients and medical prescriptions are synced with the device, the reminder for appointment date is automatically set on the device. In order to gain access to this feature of the application or on the website itself, choosing a valuable package is a must for all users.